Our latest release, AdvancePro Version 11.22 is an important release. 

Version 11.22 offers new functionality and enhancements. Please take your time to review the new and highlighted features below. We have also revamped our knowledge base and appreciate all feedback.

This is your AdvancePro and these are your support and development dollars at work!  Have questions?  Ask us anytime by email, phone call, or by creating a ticket.

New Features

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Bug Fixes & Improvements

Credit Memos, Returns

  • Clicking the RMA# in View All Customer Returns will now open the Transaction without an error prompt.
  • Clicking the RMA link in the Credit Memo screen now opens up the Vendor return instead of a VPO. And Clicking on the PO link in Vendor Bill Screen will open a VPO.
  • Opening the Customer Returns in Warehouse and closing it again will no longer show a different number. It will always show the Total Records of the ‘To Be Received’ returns.
  • Qty ordered field has been changed to Avail Qty for returns that have no order history. Avail Qty field is now showing the current stock.
  • Qty calculation now shows the correct amount in Chronological Adjustment History for Vendor Returns for products with Unit Breakdown.
  • The Received Status filter has been added to View All Customer Returns (RMA’s).
  • No longer able to click the ‘RECEIVE’ button twice when receiving a customer return in the warehouse with the Review Required setting disabled in Site Settings.
  • Previously disassociated vendors no longer appears on pending credit memos.
  • The review icon will only disappear if all of the stocks are already returned to the inventory.
  • When returning items to the inventory and Add Review is checked, the user will now be restricted to return more than what was received.
  • Calculator icon is now visible in most screens on Customer Invoices / Credit Memo’s window.
  • Credit Memo balance now shows the correct amount when there are discarded items on the Customer Return Transaction.
  • When Credits are unapplied, the amount now returns to the Credit Memo.
  • Unhandled Exception no longer occurs when changing the resolution of a Pending Credit Memo.
  • Users are now restricted to make manual edits on the Remaining and TOTAL fields in a Processed Customer Return.
  • Save button is now re-activated upon changing the reasons field on Customer Returns.
  • After the Credit Memo is created, the RMA status will now be changed to Closed.
  • Products that were assigned a conditional UOM now show correctly on the Pending credit memo.
  • Notes are no longer required when the Reason drop-down option is enabled on Site Settings.
  • Users are now restricted to make manual edits on the TOTAL field in Customer Return.
  • The received date is now correctly shown when you process a direct return.
  • Customer Returns that have been received now shows the correct status.
  • Conditional UOMs no longer disappear from the review breakdown window after assigning stock to the default unit.
  • The correct balance is now shown on the Credit memo and the payment allocation screen.


Customer Orders, Invoices

  • The Receive payment button has been removed from the View All Customer Invoices > Voided screen.
  • The credit amount of the RMAs are now being reduced when applied to the Invoice.
  • The correct shipping fee and adjustment are now shown on the invoice when the Customer Order is processed partially.
  • The shipping fee that has been added to the invoice will no longer show on the CPO details.
  • When Customer Prefetch is disabled, clicking the dropdown list in Create CPO after searching for a non-existent customer will no longer show all the existing customers.
  • Invoices that are printed by batch now have the complete information per page.
  • The invoice information grid is now fixed on Regular Print.
  • Attachments are now shown on the Customer Order.
  • Users are now unable to process canceled orders.
  • UOM breakdowns are now correctly shown on different screens.
  • Users are now able to add items to the order using the category drop-down.
  • The calculator icon is now visible on most screens in the Customer Invoices / Credit Memo window.
  • Line items can now be updated when the order is returned to open from the warehouse.
  • The scrollbar has been fixed on the Customer Purchase Order window.
  • Invoices that contain products that use catch weights will now show the correct total amount.
  • The shipping address dropdown on the Place New Customer Order screen limit has been increased.
  • Sending back an order to the pick stage no longer results in an error.
  • Processing a payment on the Place Customer Purchase Order no longer results in an error.
  • Clicking on the ‘+’ icon on the Products selector in CPO no longer causes an error.



  • Select All, Deselect All, Save, and Close buttons are now placed correctly on New Broker: Assign Customers tab.
  • Users are now able to open View all Brokers.
  • Users are now able to open View all Consignees.
  • Tickbox found on the Entity window is now fixed.
  • No more error popping up when you clear out the amount textbox in payment allocation.
  • Now able to edit each Broker on View All Brokers without getting an error.
  • The Add New Broker window title will now show the correct entity title instead of CONSIGNEE.
  • Error No longer occurs upon clicking Re-Run Pricing with Re-Run Pricing.
  • Now able to search any characters that are in the customer’s name in the customer list filter.
  • Phone & Fax numbers’ separators have been replaced with spaces.


Emails and Attachments

  • Now able to remove email attachments from both CPO and VPO..


Error Messages

  • Re-exporting default items to QuickBooks no longer results in an error.
  • Sales Goals by Customer & MTD Shipped Quantity Reports now display the correct criterion.
  • Error when clicking View All Products and Edit Products has been fixed.
  • The spelling error on the Reminders form has been resolved.
  • No more LNMClasses error when searching for products on the Vendor Quote screen.
  • A prompt message has been added informing the user that the item will be sent to open order when no item is set to be picked.
  • Able to transfer stock without getting an error.
  • Able to open a warehouse order and click on shipping options without getting any errors.
  • Print button in the receive payments window now works as expected.
  • Able to search using the SKU on a CPO and it produces results without getting any error.


General Settings

  • Print Shipping/Adjustment on Customer Order settings are now visible on the Printing settings on the Site Settings menu.
  • Error no longer pops up upon clicking the email button in the Warehouse – Pick/Pack/Ship screen.
  • Verify and Save buttons are activated upon selecting a repository location and path in the Custom Template tab found in the Site Settings menu.
  • A Company logo that has been set to a custom size no longer overlaps the company name and address in the Customer Order Payment Receipt.
  • Recovery email window is now displayed in front to avoid getting overlapped by the login form.


Lot and Serial Numbers

  • The LS button will no longer be grayed out after applying a Serial Number to the Assembly Item in View Work Orders.
  • The LS button will no longer be grayed out upon clicking the find button in the Serial Number tab of a Product for a Company with only 1 Warehouse.
  • Previously created Serial Numbers will no longer be removed when you create another Serial Number.
  • Serial numbers of components that were used on work orders or other orders no longer show when picking and assigning SN on Warehouse: Pick List.
  • Serial numbers are now being displayed on View Lot/Serial # by clicking it from the Manage Picking Location window in Manage Inventory.
  • After converting a product to a UOM without assigning SN or Batches, the LS button no longer appears.
  • LS button on Serial #s screen is now grayed-out when ALL warehouse is selected.
  • Lot/SN# to be assigned now shows the same amount as the actual stock quantity.
  • Serial numbers that were used previously on a work order doesn’t go back to stock upon adjusting the Picking location quantity.



  • Now able to successfully receive the same amount of payment multiple times.
  • Customer Order Payment Receipt now shows the full Order #.
  • The confirmation message has been removed when payment is updated but isn’t successful.
  • The prompt message on receive payment has been changed.



  • The product information is now aligned properly on regular print when inserting a new line on the CPO description.
  • Orders that were selected for batch printing in View All Orders screen have complete information.
  • Advanced UOMs are now being shown on VPO regular print.
  • Descending & Ascending sort on Sales Report (By Customer) is now working as Intended.
  • Qty. Picked, Qty. Packed and to Ship column headers are now displayed on Regular Print. Additionally, UOM weight is calculated correctly.
  • All print issues on the Sales Representative Report have been resolved.
  • Templates that were created or designed using a different software can now be used and printed in AdvancePro after it has been configured correctly.
  • Logo set to a custom size no longer overlaps company name and address on the new payment form customer receipt.
  • Clicking the print button on the Receive Payment window will now print a receipt.


Products, Item Kits, Service Items, Inventory

  • Processing a CPO for a UOM product with 2 or more ‘BUY in’ UOMs will now generate a VPO when the product has 0 stock.
  • Units are now displayed in Manage Inventory when the Combine Variants setting is enabled.
  • UOM breakdown are now correctly shown on Warehouse – Pick, Pack, and Ship stages.
  • Users are now restricted from editing the Transaction History: Ref Column.
  • Creating a Customer Order will no longer create duplicate Vendor Orders for an Item Kit Component that already has an existing Vendor Order.
  • Users will now be able to receive service items partially.
  • Customer Orders that contain service items can now be sent back to Open orders.
  • Orders that have been sent back to open status that contain service items will no longer increase the service item’s stocks.
  • Height, width, length and dimensions are now displayed correctly for UOM items on CPO.
  • Changing the Product SKU will now update the UOM SKU.
  • CPO and Invoice printout will now show the correct product CLU quantity and Price.


QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

  • Exporting applied payments to QuickBooks will no longer result in an error.
  • Payment details are now shown on QB Export Preview and QB Export Report.
  • Invoices on QuickBooks are now getting paid upon exporting an applied payment against the outstanding invoice on AdvancePro.
  • QB Export Report for applied and received payments will now show the customer for which the payment was received for, and the type of payment made.
  • QB Export Report will no longer show: “The Edit Sequence field has an invalid value REMAP” for Received Payments.
  • Tracking number parameter has been set to 31 characters. Users are now able to export invoice specific tracking numbers without getting split.
  • Irrelevant pop-ups when disconnecting AdvancePro from QuickBooks have been removed.
  • Credit memos are now properly exporting to QuickBooks.
  • AdvancePro can now connect properly to QuickBooks Online. Microsoft Edge Canary has been made a requirement.
  • When payments are viewed from QB Items to Export, the correct Invoice and PO# references are now shown.
  • Exporting an applied credit to to QuickBooks will no longer result in an error.
  • Payments will no longer disappear from QB Export Preview after they are allocated to an Invoice.
  • Exporting a partially paid invoice to QuickBooks will no longer cause an error.
  • Allocated in QB option now works for credit memos in payment allocation.



  • Changing the Managed Cost of a Product will no longer change the records in the Sales Rep Alternative Report.
  • Results are now generated when a category that contains a service item is set on an Inventory Report.
  • Now able to generate a vendor order report with 5 or more VPOs selected without getting an error.



  • Phone numbers in the shipping address are now being imported to UPS.


Vendor Orders, Bills

  • Units are no longer getting replaced when having both of BUY as & SELL as UOMs. The correct unit is also now added in the drop-shipment order.
  • A new column “VPO Equivalent Qty” has been added in Products on Vendor Order.
  • Freight bills are now being created when processing Landed costs for multiple Vendor Bills (batch processing).
  • Order details are no longer editable on the ‘Products on Vendor Order’ window.
  • Users are now able to search on the phone number search bar found on Customer, Vendor and Sales Reps lists without needing to input special characters.
  • Advanced UOM product information is now shown on the Vendor Purchase Order regular print.
  • Paper trail now shows partially cancelled VPO transactions.
  • Paper trail now shows the correct action for cancelled VPO transactions.
  • Partially received VPO will be closed after the bill was created and outstanding items were cancelled. 


Warehouse Transfers

  • The UOM suffix is now shown when viewing the View All Transfer screen.
  • Global Adjustments no longer disappear from View All Adjustment after upgrading.


Warehouse, Picking Locations

  •  Units are now shown in the Warehouse.
  • Now able to assign a Picking Location to a UOM without getting an error.
  • Now able to receive batches on Picking Locations other than the default Picking Location.
  • Picking location quantities are now correctly assigned when sorting and clicking on the FULL button in the warehouse – pick stage.
  • Only the picked items are shown in the Warehouse – pack stage.
  • Consolidated PPS is now being sorted correctly when Sort by Location sequence is enabled.
  • Users will now be restricted from creating Serial Numbers for Picking Locations with 0 or less than required inventory stocks.


Batch Numbers

  • Batch Information can now be updated.