Our latest release, AdvancePro Version 11.24 is an important release. 

Version 11.24 offers new functionality and enhancements. Please take your time to review the new and highlighted features below. We have also revamped our knowledge base and appreciate all feedback.


Version 11.24 highlights include:

  • Fully customizable customer-facing documents (CPOs, Pick/Pack/Ship Slips, Invoices)
  • Alternate and Replaceable/substitutable SKUs 
  • Reverse and modify VPO/Received orders 
  • Assign tax setting per customer per product and/or on the CPO directly
  • Full Packout features 
  • Much, much, more


This is your AdvancePro and these are your support and development dollars at work!  Have questions?  Ask us anytime by email, phone call, or by creating a ticket.


New Features

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Credit Memos, Returns

  • Line items no longer get duplicated when processing an RMA.
  • Able to modify receive quantity for other items after the first item has been reviewed.
  • Able to receive items partially in customer returns. Also, the review return message has been changed. 
  • Users can now open recently received RMAs, RMA locking has been fixed.
  • In the previous version, a user can receive 0 items into the warehouse, it is now fixed.
  • Stocks are now received in the correct warehouse when processing a return.
  • Users are now able to discard everything when processing a return.
  • Users are now restricted to assigning more serial numbers than the stock when receiving a return.
  • Create Memo and Create Invoice buttons have been removed from the Invoiced and Credit Memo filters.
  • Confirmation message when returning an RMA to the warehouse has been changed.
  • Sorting and filtering now work in Customer Returns.
  • Assessment column now shows the correct returned qty. Additionally, receive button is now grayed-out.
  • AdvancePro has added a prefetch function in the return module.


Customer Orders, Invoices

  • RCPO now uses the correct address associated with invoice. 
  • CLU decimal point prices no longer conflict with Invoice total and user can now finalize the invoice. 
  • Order matrix table is shown in smart print CPO & Invoice.
  • Other users can now edit a quotation while another user is logged in.
  • CPO is not locked when a user modify the purchase order the other user is trying to print.
  • Product selector can now be clicked without getting an error message.
  • After selecting Last Invoice Date from Customize columns window, correct dates are now shown.
  • Correct catch weight price is displayed in the invoice.



  • Users are now able to see ‘Other States’ on View All Orders screen.
  • Primary address is used as the billing address for orders that were imported without billing address.
  • Vendor/Customer are not duplicated when going back to company info tab after clicking on Save & Next.


Emails and Attachments

  • Customer’s email address is now populated in the Send email form.
  • Able to save the correct credentials in the Email settings found in Site Settings.
  • Email field has been increased from 30 characters to a maximum of 250 characters.
  • Correct invoices are attached and received after sending it via mail.

Error Messages

  • Able to generate a Vendor Order Report without getting an error.
  • In the previous version, an error pops up when creating bills, this is now fixed.
  • Able to batch print in view all customer orders without getting an error.
  • Able to sort custom columns in the View All Orders without getting an error.
  • Unhandled exception appears when clicking Close or ‘X’ button in Place new order screen. In the new version, able to click on Close or ‘X’.
  • Unhandled exception prompts when adding reminds. In the new version, no error message pops up when reminder button is clicked.
  • No error when clicking test email for the second time after saving the SMTP settings.


General Settings

  • Sorting by column doesn’t reset the status filters above.
  • The correct user that made the action will now show on Chronological Adjustment History.
  • Company phone numbers with code and ext are now shown without dots and separators were changed to spaces. 
  • Able to disassociate customers to a template.
  • Invoice custom templates is now being printed in the latest version.
  • Non-admin users can now add reminders.
  • AdvancePro has improved login speed when single sign on is enabled.
  • Prompt spelling found in Additional settings has been corrected.


Lot and Serial Numbers

  • Unable to assign more batches than what is needed. Auto assign was also fixed.
  • Auto allocation of serial numbers for Item Kits are now working when ‘Do not display Item kit component on PPS slips’ is enabled. It is also allocating serial numbers to components of the Kit correctly.
  • All assigned serial numbers of returned products can now be seen in manage inventory.
  • Lot and Serial numbers option is not shown when module is disabled.
  • Able to assign serial numbers when doing a negative adjustment to zero out the stock and serial numbers. 
  • Able to receive and assign lot numbers to a product that is not associated to any PL Lot & serial numbers that were created and received in the warehouse also appears under the product’s serial number option.
  • Able to edit serial numbers when receiving a vendor order without getting any error message.
  • Lot and Serial numbers option is not shown when module is disabled hence create serial numbers button is disabled.
  • Manufacturer serial numbers are now created together with Lot and serial numbers when receiving a vendor order.
  • LS button is now showing in Review Breakdown window in WH: Customer Return.



  • Picking Location token is now working when included in the Custom Template for Pick/Pack/Ship.
  • Default Report on both CPO and Invoice is now fixed.
  • Default Report or Primary template is now pre-selected when gear icon is clicked for customers that are not assigned to any template. But for Primary template to be pre-selected on gear icon, user must assign a report to be primary on custom templates menu.
  • Data from the product custom fields are now displayed in Regular print.
  • Invoice custom templates is now being printed in the latest version.
  • Logo is now showing on Pick/Pack/Ship smart print.
  • Able to batch print in the warehouse.
  • AdvancePro has added ‘Shipment Date’ and ‘Expected Date’ in customize columns.
  • ‘Print On Invoice’ option found on Notes in CPO remains checked when Admin and Warehouse default notes are enabled under site settings. 


Products, Item Kits, Service Items, Inventory

  • Correct total weight is displayed on the invoice when items are shipped directly after catch weights are assigned. 
  • The quantity the user has adjusted will not get reduced by the amount you shipped out.
  • Able to add product to the order with a category selected.
  • Adjustment History is now showing the correct notes for easy tracking of adjustments.
  • Initial stock is now added to Manual Adjustment screen when receiving a product into a different warehouse or picking location where product doesn’t exist. 
  •  Item kit stock is now showing in view all products.


QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

  • Correct adjustment quantity exports to QuickBooks Desktop for assembly items. 
  • QB stocks are now being adjusted correctly if “automatically adjust…” setting is unchecked. QB stock is not being increased, instead it is set to the new qty set on adjustment.
  • Work Order fulfillment date is now displayed correctly in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Names with French characters are now displaying in QuickBooks Online.
  • Able to export Payment terms from AdvancePro to QuickBooks online without getting an error message.
  • AdvancePro’s QBO integration now supports multi-currency.
  • Company names with Apostrophe are no exported to QBO successfully.
  • Able to export invoice to QBO successfully.
  • QuickBooks blank login window has been fixed.
  • No errors are found when exporting credit memos to QuickBooks online.
  • SKUs that were exported to QBO are correctly classified as an inventory item. 
  • Unhandled exception error when invoices are opened from QBO export review screen has been fixed.
  • Names with e-acute characters are now exported to QBO.



  • Able to generate FIFO report using current and previous dates.
  • FIFO report now includes disassembled work order quantity.
  • Correct products are shown after selecting the parameters when generating a Sales Report by Product.
  • Suppress 0’s in Inventory report now works as expected.
  • Accurate average cost is now shown in the FIFO reports.


Vendor Orders, Bills

  • Correct audit trail entry is added when partially receiving a Vendor Order.
  • Able to receive VPO containing variants to a different warehouse (where product doesn’t exist) successfully. ‘Initial stock – warehouse association via VPO receipt’ is also added to Adjustment history. 
  • Bill number is now referenced correctly in Landed cost history.
  • AdvancePro has added the ability allow pending bills to be sent back to the warehouse.
  • AdvancePro has improved Bill for freight wherein users can create single freight bill.


Warehouse Transfers

  • Non-inventory items are now visibile in WH:In-Transit transfer order. This can be picked, shipped and received. 
  • User can now click reverse transfer once.
  • Able to perform a single transfer in manage inventory.
  • User is now restricted to process a direct transfer when there is no enough stock to transfer.


Warehouse, Picking Locations

  • User is now restricted to edit customer freight on a Shipped order.
  • In the previous version, an error is shown when user change the warehouse on Assign Product to MPL window from Edit Product, this is now fixed.
  • Picking location list is automatically updated when adding new Picking Locations.
  • Storage type locations are now visible in both In-transit and direct transfer screens. After stocks are transferred successfully, quantity is deducted from inventory stock and Picking location stock.
  • Picking location triggers have been fixed.
  • Time stamps have been added when processing orders.
  • PL QTY is increased by Pending D Transfer when “Move ALL to Default” Feature is used.
  • Able to add batch to picking location.
  • Able to assign a SKU to a new Picking Location by searching the MPL name.
  • User is now restricted to assign stock to picking location without finishing the entire in-transit transfer process.
  • Freight Details Report is now generated after clicking the Freight icon in Billed filter. 
  • Able to adjust Picking location stock.
  • Line item tax is calculating the new price entered in the order after it has been sent to open orders from the warehouse.
  • Users are now restricted to process orders to the warehouse more than the available quantity.
  • Correct weight and dimensions are displayed when using the auto-pack feature in the Packout screen.
  • Correct weight and dimensions are displayed when manually packing the items in the Packout screen.
  • SKU field in Item not Packaged and items packaged has been stretched to view full length of SKU when user has longer SKUs.
  • Correct partial quantity are returned to item not packaged section when items are removed from the package.



  • Variants are not duplicated in the excel export anymore.



  • Product Price remains the same after order is processed.
  • Able to export selected price list and markup percentage has been set to 100% for products that has 0 costs.



  • Able to send an invoice back to the warehouse when order came from ShipStation.
  • Users are now able to receive payment on invoice that were shipped via ShipStation.



  • Users are now restricted to enter decimal points in the Payment Allocation screen. In the previous version, an error message also pops-up, it is now fixed.



  • Importing a customer order without an address on schema is now putting default address.