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Location: Birmingham, MI | Industry: Insurance Restoration | Customer Since: Oct 2010

What They Needed:

  • 7 User AdvancePro Premier License
  • Third Party Approval (3PA) Web Services
  • Multiple B2B Web Portals


BELFOR is the world’s largest property restoration company servicing clients in 31 countries. BELFOR owns a massive fleet of remediation equipment and has exclusive agreements with major suppliers of power generators and other specialized disaster recovery equipment. This unmatched capacity helps ensure that BELFOR’s clients will have the resources needed in the event of a single-building event, or a widespread disaster.

The Business Challenge

Thanks to their size, BELFOR places large orders to take advantage of their purchasing power. They needed an internal system that would allow the various offices around the world to ‘purchase’ the inventory that they require from the head office. In addition to this, BELFOR required a system that would allow certain orders placed in their internal system to be approved by a manager within the organization.

What BELFOR did Before AdvancePro

Before implementing AdvancePro, there was no software solution in place. Internal purchases were handled manually, but internal growth was more difficult to achieve without implementing a software solution.

AdvancePro Technologies

The AdvancePro Solution

AdvancePro built an online B2B shopping cart enabling employees and offices to place orders from head office and for head office to easily fulfill those orders. This in turn has helped BELFOR grow by improving their capabilities to take advantage of bulk purchasing and disseminating the products to various offices around the world. Additionally, AdvancePro provided BELFOR with a custom system that enabled certain orders to be put through an approval process before actually being processed through the warehouse. One example of this implementation was a system that enabled employees to purchase special items, such as branded jackets, with the option to have the cost of the jacket deducted from their payroll.

“Since Implementing AdvancePro, our internal purchasing system has grown dramatically. AdvancePro has been the vehicle for that expansion.”

– Bran Lynch,
Project Manager, BELFOR


The series of B2B web portals AdvancePro implemented for BELFOR has allowed them to take greater advantage of the purchasing power of their corporate headquarters and distribute those products out to satellite offices efficiently. The tools allow employees to purchase product using payroll deductions in a very simple, easy to track manner.

AdvancePro Technologies

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