"I like using AdvancePro! It's pretty easy to use. I had a quick run-through on how to use it my first 2 days at this job, I caught on very quickly."

Kimberly Wallace
Indiana Game Sales

"Great application to manage and implement throughout the sales and purchasing process."

Senior Living Depot
Bruno Galetovic
Senior Living Depot

"AdvancePro is easy to use, great value for the money and offers outstanding customer support. It is user-friendly and a great platform for inventory management. Being able to easily look at the history of a product or customer is extremely helpful. The shipping and receiving platforms in the Warehouse category are fantastic for both planning and executing shipping and receiving."

Showers Pass Vertical Logo
Andrew Fleming
Showers Pass

"AdvancePro has been a powerful tool for Harris. We have zero regrets since our initial purchase."

Joe Pace
Harris Integrated Solutions

"I recently started getting involved with AdvancePro because we had the need to migrate the AdvancePro server to a newer computer. I’ve been in touch with tech support, and all issues were resolved. It is good to see your company is striving for superb customer service. Coming from working with Microsoft’s Dynamics Axapta ERP, I’ve found AdvancePro very functional and easy to integrate with third-party applications, which make the product robust and flexible. I am sure HomeBuys and Marketing Results will keep using this product for many years to come."

Jorge C. Alexandres

"We have been with AdvancePro for over 8 years. Having had experience with Enterprise class systems SAP and Oracle we have been thrilled with the sophisticated capabilities of AdvancePro. Value for money, in our opinion there is nothing else that even comes close."

Showers Pass Vertical Logo
Kyle Ranson
Showers Pass
"We implemented your AdvancePro solution just in the nick of time.  Our sales have grown so rapidly, that I can't imagine how we would be functioning without the improvements to our processes that AdvancePro has brought to us.  Thank you all for getting us to this point. I look forward to continuing to work with you - and hopefully not to cause you too much trouble in the process.  :)"
Heather Percy
Director, Finance & Administration, CanPrev
"As always, you and your team are awesome.  Thanks"
OR medical
Edward Reilly
O&R Medical
" I would like to add how friendly the staff is at AdvancePro, and their willingness to help and return calls quickly has been a major factor in why we chose AdvancePro to begin with. We have enjoyed being able to work with such professional and kind individuals." Case Study
InfantCrisis Logo
Alex Buchner
Facilities Coordinator, Infant Crisis Services
“After testing AdvancePro I was thrilled with the easy to use interface and especially the down to earth language. Your company’s willingness to work within our budget and dedication to making this work has been nothing but professional. Our company’s unique demands have all been more than met.”
JoeMerrill Choctaw logo
Joe Merrill
Deputy Program Manager Choctaw Archiving Enterprise
“I have been using Advancepro now for 3 years for 2 of our franchise groups. It is very user friendly and have encountered minimal problems. The customer support has been excellent, I would recommend this package to any prospective buyer.” Read the Belfor Case Study
JasonStackhouse Belfor
Jason Stackhouse
BHI Distribution
“AdvancePro Technologies has increased my company’s productivity allowing us to achieve greater success.”
Lauren Victoria
“I’ve been a long time user of AdvancePro and considered switching a while ago due to previous issues. However over the past several months I have gained more confident with AdvancePro as a company. Things like webinars, new releases and timely support response have shown the company has come back to life.”
DanGeorge s400 Bestway logo
Dan George
Administrator, Bestway Casters & Wheels Ltd
Anyone in the market for an inventory management solution to operate their business will tell you, the details matter! AdvancePro has everything you would need to operate efficiently with added details that only make the process that much easier. The switch to AdvancePro was seamless. The amount of instructional videos seems infinite and the customer service is unbeatable. I’m extremely satisfied with every aspect and recommend it, without hesitation, to anyone looking to simplify their business operations without losing the details.” Case Study
CoriWoloshun LouMisterlyLogo web 4
Cori Woloshun
Purchasing Manager Lou Misterly Food Sales, Inc.