The Best Inventory Management for Your Manufacturing Company

Tracking raw material, sub-assembly items and finished goods using Excel or QuickBooks alone can be complicated, time consuming and error prone. AdvancePro works with traditional build to stock, build on demand or outsourcing manufacturing business models to provide the best inventory management for your manufacturing company.

  • Create and track Work Orders for scheduled or on-demand manufacturing
  • Track all components, sub-assemblies and finished goods with serial number integration
  • Allows for customization of manufactured goods
  • Pick tickets for component parts keeps your warehouse tracking accurate

AdvancePro Technologies

Streamline and Track Your Manufacturing

AdvancePro Manufacturing gives you visibility into your manufacturing processes across your organization. Easily generate reports to see when productions runs are set to complete, track lot/serial numbers for products and create disassembly orders for returns or damaged items.

  • Generate disassemble Orders
  • Search for lot/serial numbers for tracking or recall purposes
  • Track workflow
  • Unlimited Bill of Materials – including subassembly items

AdvancePro Technologies

We understand your business is different

AdvancePro knows that each business is unique, with special challenges and needs. AdvancePro owners has been in the warehousing industry for over 20 years. Our team of business process experts work with each client to fully understand your specific workflow and help you identify and remove bottlenecks and give you the tools and systems to grow your business.

AdvancePro Technologies

Companies that manufacture require a specialized set of features to keep operations running smoothly. Together with AdvancePro’s warehouse and inventory management structure, real-time stock level updates are available throughout the product-building process.

  • View and track your bills of material(BOM)
  • Track labor costs by including them in your BOM
  • Initiate item assemblies by creating work orders
  • Create reorder alerts for your components and finished goods when inventory drops below specified levels
  • Create Work Orders from Customer Orders for customized item assemblies
  • Generate vendor purchase orders from within your work orders
  • Track work orders by stage of completion, reference #, order #, SKU # or by warehouse
  • Build-to-order or build-to-stock
  • Serialize your assembly items as they are finalized
  • Specify a vendor for your assembly items, useful for outsourcing
  • Create markups and discounts and apply them to completed assembly items to arrive at a selling price
  • Manage disassembly work orders and either return components to inventory or discard them

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