Manage Role

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APTX Manage Role feature enables you to easily manage your business under the Company Settings.

It utilizes a state of the art Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system that allows you to easily create roles with the various permissions, and assign them to your users so they get specific abilities and access. Once a particular role is created, it can be configured to provide a limited set of abilities to any given APTX user of your choice.

On the main page, a quick search option is available to look for a specific role, where all available roles can be found.

Under Role, you can choose among the available the specific function or designation that can be applied to a user.

Permissions Summary
is the description of the privilege or restriction given.

is the option to configure the Permissions.

  1. Log-in to your Company in APTX. Click on Company Settings and under that, click on Manage Roles.
  2. Click on  to see the Add Role forms. Enter the Role name and tick the applicable modules that will be given to that role. You can also select a Parent Role in the dropdown.

  3. Click the Save Permission button to save the settings.