View Credit Memo

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Our system offers a comprehensive feature called “View Credit Memos” which allows you to easily manage and track credit memos associated with your sales orders. This feature provides you with a clear overview of credit memos, streamlining your credit management process.

When you access the “View Credit Memos” module, you’ll find convenient options to organize your search for credit memos. By clicking on the available options, you can filter credit memos as “All” (to view all credit memos), “pending credit memos“, or “credit memos” (to view processed credit memos).
The page will display essential information for each credit memo, including line items and important details related to the customer. You can easily identify the customer associated with the credit memo and their account number, ensuring accurate record-keeping. Moreover, the sales order information is prominently displayed, providing you with key details such as the date, reference number, purchase order number (PO#), and the credit amount due.