Look up Orders and Invoices

APTX provides a feature that enables users to monitor their orders and invoices processed through APTX. With this feature, users can access a list of all orders and invoices made using the sales function and track their status, whether they are still pending or have already been processed. Additionally, users can view invoices and quotations, making it an extremely convenient way of managing and keeping track of all sales transactions carried out through APTX.

The Look Up Orders feature allows for convenient search of specific orders using a search bar. Moreover, the feature offers various search options such as Quotations, Open, Processed, At Warehouse, Shipped, Drop-Shipped, and Cancelled orders.

Upon clicking a particular PO#, the Line Items comprising the order will be displayed on the screen, along with their respective product details. The same screen also displays customer information, order information, order total, balance due, and notes. Upon clicking on the three vertical dots located on the upper right-hand side, a set of options for the order will be displayed which includes Clone Order, Related POs, Print, Custom Print, Go to Sales Order, and Cancel Order. And lastly, to receive payment for an order, you can simply click on the dollar icon situated on the lower right-hand side.

By utilizing the toggle button, you can easily switch from Look Up Orders to Look Up Invoices. Once you access Look Up Invoices, you can make use of the search bar to find specific invoices or choose from the options of Pending, Invoiced, or Voided invoices.