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Welcome to the “Inbound Orders” feature of APTX, your comprehensive inventory management software. This feature allows you to manage all of your incoming orders seamlessly, whether they are individual items from one vendor or pallets of goods from multiple vendors. 

To get started, simply search for the order you are interested in. You can organize your search based on the order date range, making it easy to narrow down your results. 
You can also choose to view All orders, orders To receive, Partially Received, or completely Received.
If you are handling multiple warehouses, you can sort orders based on which warehouse they are being sent to. This way, you can easily view all incoming orders for a specific warehouse. 
When an inbound order is ready to receive, you will see the line items within the order. To enter the number of items you want to receive, you must first unlock the order. Simply click the lock button next to the line item you are interested in, and then enter the quantity you would like to receive. Make sure to select the proper picking location for the item you are receiving. This ensures that you can easily find the item when you are ready to ship it to the end customer. Once you have selected the picking location, you must enter a vendor bill/ref number for tracking purposes.
Before you click the “Receive” button, take a moment to review the order information, including the shipping and expected dates. This will ensure that you are accurately tracking incoming inventory.