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Manage Products allow you to view your existing products, search for it, and filter its status with regards to its stock levels. By clicking on a product, it will allow you to view the details including the location of the inventory. This view also allows you to modify the properties of a product such as the price, images, SKUs, variants, vendors, etc.

This section is also a powerful tool that allows you to add new products, mark them as taxable or non taxable, and import products in bulk in the event that you already have an existing database of products.

    • Add Product 

To add a product, click on the (+) icon, then supply all needed basic information under Product Info, then hit Save and Next.

Now on Vendor Product Info, Assign vendor/vendors from the list of associated Vendors. You may also add a new Vendor if one is not yet on the list. The option to Disassociate a particular vendor is to make sure it does not appear on the drop down menu or list. A chosen vendor can also be set as Primary.

Pricing Info
provides a brief price guide to manage cost and profit.

if where you set up distinguished features of your product like color or size. Once variations have been generated, you can select Generated Variations to be Active.

Additional Info
allows you to provide further information about the product like dimension, ancillary fees, etc.

    • Edit Product 

Click on alter a product’s attributes in this view, including its price, images, SKUs, variations, assignment to other vendors, etc. You can also make use of our tags feature which is directly connected to eCommerce platforms.

    • Bulk Import Product 

If you already have a file containing the products, this section’s sophisticated tool lets you add new products, label them as taxable, and import them in bulk.

    • Download Inventory Report 

You can download an Inventory Report when clicking on this button. Two options for download are available: PDF or CSV file.

You can also download customized Inventory Reports based on stock levels. First select from the following filters, for instance, in-stock. This will filter all in-stock SKUs and then hit the button to download the report. Another option is to use the search field to filter the products you want to put in the inventory report.

    • Tax Button 

Clicking this button will mark all products as taxable.

    • Add New Warehouse/Picking Location 

To add a new warehouse, click on in the Inventory section of the page. This will display the Assign location form. Next, click on to add a new warehouse or Location.

    • Inventory Adjustments

Inventory Adjustments can be created by clicking on the product and then clicking on the Inventory section, this will show the Inventory Adjustment window.

    • Transfer Stock 

In the Manage Products screen, you can also transfer stocks from one warehouse to another and from one location to a different location. Click on to open the Product Transfer form.