View All VPO

Welcome to APTX! Our system is equipped with a comprehensive feature that allows you to effortlessly view and manage vendor orders. With this feature, you can easily stay on top of your procurement process and ensure a smooth flow of inventory.

When you access the vendor orders section, you’ll find a range of powerful tools to help you organize and streamline your search for specific orders. One of these tools is the ability to filter orders based on the date range when the Vendor Purchase Order (VPO) was created. Simply click on the desired date range, and our system will display all the relevant orders within that period.
To further enhance your efficiency, you can sort the orders based on their status. By clicking on the respective options, you can filter orders as “All” (to see all orders), “Open” (orders that are yet to be received), “To receive” (Orders that are ready to be received), “Partially received” (orders that have received partial shipment, or “Received” (orders that have been completed).

The screen will present you with essential information for each order, including the purchase order (PO) number and the associated vendor bill/ref number. Additionally, you’ll have access to comprehensive order details, enabling you to review and verify crucial information quickly. This includes the shipping address, ensuring that you have accurate details for successful delivery.