Disassembly work orders

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  • What is required in order to run a disassembly work order?
  • Can I disassemble an item once it is returned?
  • How can I return components to inventory following a disassembly?

Webinar transcript

APT University: Disassembly Work orders.

Preset notes: Have a manufactured item with serial number that was not adjusted in. have a return order

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Hello and welcome to AdvancePro University. Today we’re going to be discussing a very specific aspect of our manufacturing Module – the Disassembly order. This is used for disassembling an item that you previously Assembled, and returning its components to inventory. This is particularly useful if there is a faulty part and you want to replace it, or if you need to retrieve a part used in an assembly and use it for some other purpose.

You can think of a disassembly work order as being the equivalent of a return for manufacturing.

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In order to perform a disassembly order, you must have used a serial number in your original work order. – we’ve previously assembled some product for this tutoral – if you’d like to know more about creating assemblies or running work orders, please refer to our previous videos on those topics.

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There are two ways to start a dissassembly order, you can come here to the manufacturing dashboard and choose dissassembly order, or you can create one when receiving a manufactured item in a customer return

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You can see a checkbox under the DO column – which will create a dissassembly order immediately upon finishing the return.

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So we can click here on disassembly order to begin the Order, and it takes us to a form where we can choose the item and ultimately the serial number that we will be disassembling.

Click find once you’ve chosen your item to look for a serial number produced with the filters you set up here in the search area.

Check off the serial number you will be dismantling. And click proceed.

This is your disassembly work order, you’ll see it displays the parts you will be getting out of the item you are disassembling, if those parts had serial numbers, those serial numbers will be returned to stock accordingly.

You can also choose to discard a part that was faulty or otherwise unusable. By setting the ‘to inventory’ value to 0 and the discard value to 1 – or whatever relavant value is appropriate to your task.

You must provide an order number, and you must save the order to get started.

Youll also see you can add notes, print the order, or view a paper trail.

The items will all be placed in the picking location displayed at the top of the order – if picking locations are enabled.

You’ll see you can set stages and priorities like a regular work order.

When your settings are complete, click finalize to complete the disassembly.