Volume Discounts

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Learn how to use advancepro to manage units in addition to square footage.

Webinar transcript

APT University: Volume Discounts

Hello and welcome to AdvancePro University – Today we’re going to be discussing volume discounts. Volume discounts are used when purchasing or selling product in large quantities, and it allows us to set prices and discounts to fixed levels when we hit certain quantity breakpoints.

We will be taking any questions at the end of the presentation so if you do have a question, feel free to put it into the live chat available either just to the side or just beneath the video if you’re watching live. We do AdvancePro University live every week on Wednesday at 12 eastern time, and if you’d like to learn more about advancepro we have previous episodes on just about every aspect of the program available at localhost/apt under the resources tab, or on our youtube channel.

So to configure volume discounts – you can do this either on an existing product or a new one that you create, I’m going to go to view product on the quick navigation bar, and I’m going to navigate to a product and click E for edit.

Once in the Product edit screen I’m going to click the vendor and pricing info tab, and in the bottom right corner you’ll see we can create volume discounts. Now we can also set up special pricing using our advanced units of measure video, so if you’re actually looking to order something by the case, or the pallet, or by the Tonne, and particularly if you need to order by the case and track or sell by singles, I’m going to encourage you to look at our past videos on the unit breakdown and unit of measure features.

So let’s take a look at customer volume discounts.

So lets us make a threshold quantity, and a discount above that quantity, we can have as many thresholds as we like. So let’s start with 10 units, and give that threshold a discount of 10 %

So now when we sell 1 to 9 units we’ll sell at full price, and above 10 units, we’ll give 10 % off

You’ll see that the TO QTY column is currently infinite. If we make a new threshold at 20 units it will change to 20 and we’ll get a new row, if later we wanted to make a threshold at 15 units we can, so each threshold level just looks for the next threshold if there is one, regardless of the order they are created in.

So now we have a couple of volume discounts on the customer side, and if we take a look on the vendor side, it has the exact same setup. Please note that volume discounts can be assigned per vendor, just like all the vendor product info, so if we have more than one vendor, you can set up volume discounts for when you purchase from each vendor.

Otherwise, volume discount functions work exactly the same for customer and vendors in terms of how we activate them on an order

So now that we’ve got volume discounts configured, lets go make a sale. And we’ll add our item to the sale

I’ve add the item at a quantity of one. We can see the item has volume discounts because we have red dot on the original price field if we click on the original price field, we’ll see a drop-down of our volume discounts, we can click to choose a threshold, and our quantity on order, as well as our price will adjust automatically. This is really handy for upselling, because it allows you to see all the options and make changes on the fly. When purchasing. This exact same process is used.

This concludes today’s tour of the volume discounts in advancepro.