Discount Codes

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  • How can I create a discount code?
  • How can I use discount codes on orders?
  • How can I make specific products exempt from discount codes?

Webinar transcript

APT University: Discount Codes
Hello and welcome to APT University, today we’ll be looking at discount codes, how to configure them, and how to apply them on customer orders in AdvancePro. We will be taking questions at the end, so if you have any questions, put them into the questions tab on your gotowebinar control panel as we go along.

If you’d like to learn more about AdvancePro, we have a full listing of all of our previous episodes on localhost/apt, or on our youtube channel.

Now discount codes essentially allow you to assign a given discount on-the-fly to any order as you process sales. If you want, you can also print these codes out as barcodes so that you can scan the coupon code to apply the discount Let’s jump into AdvancePro and take a look:

So to set up our discount codes we’re going to go to the customers tab and we’re going to click on view all order promotions.

You’ll see here up at the top we can set a date range, the code itself, any products to exclude, as well as whether or not the discount code will stack with other discounts, we can also limit the uses per customer, so if we only want a customer to use a code once, we can set that to 1.

Once we create our discount code, lets go to a customer order.

Now we can choose the customer and fill out the order, and if we want right at the end, we can enter the discount code and the prices will automatically adjust. For us.

This concludes today’s tour of discount codes.