Invoice Printing Settings

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  • How can I adjust the terms on my invoice?
  • How can I add the tracking number to my invoice in printouts or emails?
  • How can I add the balance Due on my invoice?

Webinar transcript

APT University: Invoice Printing Settings
Hello and welcome to APTU – Today we’ll be looking at the various invoice printing settings in AdvancePro. We will be taking questions at the end so if you have any questions feel free to put them into the questions tab in your gotowebinar control panel.

We also have our full library of previous APT university sessions available under the resources tab on localhost/apt or on our youtube channel.

So AdvancePro produces an invoice immediately after you ship any customer order, you can find this invoice under the customers panel by clicking on the view all invoices and credit memos button.

Once we open an invoice we can easily print by clicking the print button, and right now it’s in a pending state, once we have ensured that all pricing is correct we can click the create invoice button to finalize the invoice and sync to QuickBooks on our next sync.

So if we want to adjust the invoice we have a number of options, the invoice is actually the most customizable document in AdvancePro. For today’s purposes we’ll be using the smart print pro option, which is the print button with the red check mark located to the right of the email button.

So to make adjustments, we can add or remove custom fields by going to admin, site settings, custom fields, and these can actually be used on sales orders, picking slips and invoices, as well as purchase orders and receiving slips and bills. We have a whole video on custom fields so if you want to check those out, have a look at that one.

Today, our focus is going to be on the printing setting page here in site settings, and here you can see there’s all kinds of options. Across the top you’ll see you have the option to add or remove your company billing address on the invoice, or to include the customer’s billing address or not – including the billing address name. And whether or not to include the shipping address as well.

Now the next area we’ll be discussing is the Print layout for smartprintpro button. If you click here, you can essentially rename any column heading or field name on the invoice or credit memo. Meaning you can rename literally anything here and it will print out exactly how you like.

.the next option is the printing options and whether to use standard or smartprintpro or bakery edition. For most companies you’re going to use smartprintpro for your printing options here. This determines the type of printing used for emails and automatic or batch printing.

Finally down at the bottom of this window you can see that we have the option to print a tracking number on the invoice, or to print the balance due. The tracking number is input during the shipping process.

Finally, if we navigate back to the invoice, you may see a WITH SN# checkbox, this allows you to put the serial or lot numbers shipped onto a particular invoice.

This concludes our tour of the invoice printing settings.