Key new features and enhancements in AdvancePro v11.2

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  • APConnects API Toolkit and Shopify Integration preview
  • New reports in v11.2
    • Shipment report by customer
    • Cost of Goods in Stock and Committed
    • Pre Arrival Notice
    • Jam-N Logistics 940
  • Pick all at warehouse
  • Extended cube support on VPO and CPO documents
  • Multiple addresses export for customers and vendors, and multi vendor export for products
    • Export active or inactive options
  • User role based settings for view all customer orders
  • Cost price and export shown for Assembly item BOM

Webinar transcript

APT University: Key new features and enhancements in AdvancePro v11.2

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Hello and welcome to AdvancePro University.   Today we’re going to discuss Key features in our newest release – AdvancePro 11.2.  These features include our brand new API Capability, New and Improved reports,  Multiple Address and Multiple Vendor exporting,  Customer order view settings by user,  and finally cost prices and excel exporting on Bills of Material.

(open shopify integrator)

Our brand new API and Shopify integration capabilities bring a whole new facet of automation to order importing.  As orders are placed in your shopify store,  orders can be automatically synced into AdvancePro.  As those same orders are fulfilled using our shipping capabilities,  we can mark them as fulfilled on your Shopify Orders Dashboard.

Our API will also provide a set of tools you can use with any software,  and we will be bringing out many more implementations in upcoming versions.  If you have more questions – please reach out to your AdvancePro Advisor.

(show AdvancePro Reports section)

We have four new and enhanced  reports in AdvancePro,  

Our First new report is the Cost of goods in Stock and Committed report  – Located under Products in the  Reporting Panel.   This is an easy way to get cost of goods if you are not working with Quickbooks

(new customer order)

Next, is the Pre-Arrival Notice,  This is available on  Customer and vendor orders, and can be seen by cheking the Print PAN checkbox and clicking the smartprint button.  The Pre-arrival notice will show the product, but not the prices,  This is aimed at AdvancePro Users who are working with a 3PL and need  to alert them to an incoming or outgoing shipment.

Also on customer orders and vendor orders,  we’ve added the cubed dimensions of the product — this will help you manage containers and ensure that truck and container loads are being properly filled.


Finally we have the Jam-N Logistics 940 export capability for any orders in the picking stage,  If excel exporting for warehouse transactions are turned on, this option will now be available under the excel export button her in the Picking stage.

(open a picking order)

Speaking of picking,  we have added a feature pick all items on an order with just one click,  simply open your pick ticket, and click the pick all button.

(Excel export/import)

Our next great feature is located in utilities – we can now export a single spreadsheet with multiple Vendors for products, or multiple addresses for customers.   When you are creating an export schema,  if choose any vendor or address criteria, you will see a checkbox appear which enables multiple vendors or invoices. – This is great if you’re working with chain stores or if you’re sourcing products from many different vendors.

(View all customer orders)

In a recent version, we introduced customizable views by column in the view ustomer orders screen.   We’re expanding that feature now so that it can be set per-user role.   Navigate to user roles, and on a custom role, you set acccess options, and you’ll see the same gear icon next to view customer orders here.

(View all products filter > Assembly)

Finally, we’ve added a cost price column here on the BOM settings for an assembly item, an also an excel export capability

This concludes our Tour of the key new features in AdvancePro 11.2  if you have any questions please feel free to enter them in the questions tab on your gotowebinar control panel,  otherwise feel free to reach out to your AdvancePro Advisor.