APConnects: Shopify integration with AdvancePro

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  • Customer details
  • Orders and shipping data
  • Fulfillment and tracking data
  • Product details and inventory levels

Webinar transcript

APT University: Shopify Integration

Preset notes: have the ability to sync off screen, ensure that integrator is set up for darryltest2., have a checkout ready. Be logged into advancepro, have the email samples open. Have a UPS tracking number

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Hello and welcome to AdvancePro University. Today we’re going to be giving a short tour of our new Shopify integration feature. This is a seamless system, Orders can move seamlessly into AdvancePro and be fulfilled without anyone accessing Shopify.

So once the system has been through initial configuration and the initial sync has been performed,

  • Show shopify –

You’ll see your products and customers synced into Shopify.

-check out and sync in background-

When we check out a new order, the order will appear in our shopify order manager and they will also sync down into advancepro.

When the order arrives in advancepro it will will be given an SH prefix.

Now we added one more feature here, which is that when you process this order and mark it as shipped, we can actually send the tracking number back to shopify, Shopify will autodetect your courier based on the format of your tracking number and send an email to your customer with tracking info.

And if you happen to visit your order manager screen in Shopify – these orders will now be marked as fulfilled. – This is just a guideline and it is fully driven from advancepro.

  • Show product

Just to touch on product setup – the product name, sku,. And description will sync up from AdvancePro

In terms of customers – the name and account number will sync up, and addresses will sync back down to advancepro.

Just a couple notes on required settings. These are found in the checkout settings area. Make sure you turn on Auto payment processing, make company name required, and make first and last name required.

This concludes our Tour of the Shopify API integration if you have any questions please feel free to enter them in the questions tab on your gotowebinar control panel, otherwise feel free to reach out to your AdvancePro Advisor.