Multi Warehouse and Transfers

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  • How can I add a new warehouse to my Advancepro configuration?
  • How do I configure products inside each warehouse?
  • How do I transfer products between warehouses?
  • How do I handle shipping and receiving with multiple warehouses?
  • How do I lock a customer or warehouse employee to a warehouse?

Webinar transcript

APT University: Multi Warehouse and Transfers

Preset – Opening slide, be logged into APT with multi warehouses.,

Hellos and welcome to AdvancePro University – Today we’ll be discussing Our multiple warehouse and warehouse transfer capabilities. This is particularly useful if you have multiple distribution centres, or if you are running vehicles that carry stock, such as in a service business.

First – how do we set up a secondary warehouse?

In AdvancePro, Navigate to Warehouse and click on Warehouse Management.

Now go ahead and put in your warehouse details and address and click ADD. If you can’t add a warehouse – reach out to your advancepro Advisor, you may not have purchased our multi-warehouse capabilities, or you may need to just have it enabled.

Now once you have created your warehouse, you’ll need to put products in it. If you’d like a full list of products when you’re looking at this warehouse, you can just navigate to manage inventory, and click the red dolly button to create all products in this warehouse. If you want only a selected list of products to be shown in this warehouse, perform an inventory transfer into it and only the transferred products will be shown.

Now when you’re in manage inventory, you can switch between the ALL warehouses view, and looking at each warehouse individually, you’ll see this orange button on the right, this allows you to do a direct, instant transfer of a single product from one warehouse to the other. There’s another orange button just like it at the bottom – this allows you to do a Transfer order of multiple products.

Now here you set your origin and destination warehouses. If you choose direct then the transfer will be instant, if you choose indirect then it will operate more in stages, so you place an order, it gets picked and shipped, then received, Lets do an indirect order. There’s also a setting here to show the stock either in the origin or destination warehouse during the transfer. process.

So here I can add multiple products to the transfer order by SKU, once they’re on I can click process – and if this were a direct order that would be the end of it, I would have been required to choose my picking locations and the whole thing would be instant. Since we’re doing this order indirect, it will be more like a request that we’re filing.

Now we’re going to move over to the warehouse dashboard where this created a pick slip. Once the transfer is picked, you’ll see that we can now receive the transfer. And once we receive everything the transfer is complete. If we’re using Serialized items you’ll see the LS button available so you can check in the serial numbers that were sent. And if you’re using picking locations you will see them displayed as well.

Now there are two settings I’d like to point out. The first is on the customer settings – here you’ll be able to give the customer a default shipping warehouse – this will have the customer’s orders ship from the desired warehouse by default.

Also under admin and site administrators you’ll see that you can assign a default warehouse to a user – so when that user clicks on warehouse, they’ll see only the orders for their default warehouse by default.

Now lets talk about how sales and pick/pack are impacted by multiple warehouses.

If we start a new sales order, and place that order, we’re taken to the process order screen, In the Process order screen, we’re asked how we want to fill the order – we can pull the stock from the warehouse, or we can have it shipped from a vendor for example. Now we can choose our desired warehouse from the list and advancepro will make a pick slip in that warehouse – this can be really flexible, picking one item from warehouse A and the other from Warehouse B will create a pick slip for each warehouse.

Also if you start a vendor order, you will have the option to choose the destination warehouse now.

This concludes our presentation today. If you have any questions feel free to enter them in the questions panel on your gotowebinar control panel. Also feel free to request future topics for AdvancePro University Webinars. Thank you all for watching!

Question 1 – Can I receive items into a warehouse to represent items in transit.

Answer – Yes – we have a number of clients who do this as a way to manage rapid orders – or to get invoices into quickbooks early. You do have to be a bit more diligent about how you receive the orders though, since you won’t have advancepro reconciling short shipments quite as smoothly.

Question 2 – How Does this work for a fleet of trucks?

So for a fleet of trucks, we recommend equipping each truck with a rugged windows tablet and built in scanner – you can transfer stock in and out of the truck, and ship orders from the truck as you go – even scanning the stock as you use it. If this is something you’d like to to, ask your AdvancePro Advisor about our Fleet Solutions.