Pre-Arrival Notice

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The Pre-Arrival Notice is a feature that allows you to quickly create a document for an order that does not contain any pricing details. On this week’s APTU we’ll show you how to convert a sale or PO into a Pre-arrival notice.

Webinar transcript

APT University: Pre-Arrival Notice

Hello and welcome to APTU, today we’re going to be discussing the Pre-Arrival notice, The Pre Arrival notice is a document that we can easily create from a sales order or purchase order, which is used to obscure the prices of products for a variety of reasons, such as dealings with a freight company or 3PL.

We will be taking any questions at the end, so if you have any questions, feel free to put them into the live chat available on youtube or on localhost/apt if you’re watching live today, and if you want to learn more about advancepro, we do have our full archive of APTU videos available on localhost/apt under the resources tab, or on our youtube channel.

So if we switch into advancepro, we’re going to start with a purchase order, , now we can add items to this purchase order and easily print a purchase order out as a purchase order, and once we process this order we’ll also get receiving and billing documents as we move through advancepro. But we do have another option if we need to communicate that an order will be moving through a freight provider or other organization and we just want to get rid of the pricing options here, so the option to check of is print PAN which is our Pre Arrival notice option.

Now when we print this PAN out, we can email or save it and provide all the information to the relevant parties without revealing pricing information.

The exact same set of options is available on the sales order, and this document will be very similar as well

Now we’ve touched on this next feature a few times in previous episodes, but since we’ve recently expanded its capabilities, we’re going to show some other ways we can transform sales orders,

Navigate to Admin> Site settings > Printing settings, and you’ll see here we can click on custom layouts for our sales orders, this allows you to create custom names for fields in advancepro when you print, letting you repurpose any existing field for whatever you like, so we can change the name of the document itself, we can change the PO field name to order number, etc.

I should note that this setting doesn’t change the name of the field in advancepro, only within the printout

So if we revisit our sales order and print without the PAN option, you’ll see our custom layout is now getting used.

This concludes our tour of the pre-arrival notice and custom layouts today.