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  • What is The AdvancePro B2C Sales Web Service?
  • How can my customers place an order?
  • How does it come into AdvancePro?
  • Who Hosts the site?
  • Design Options
  • How can I control the B2C Website from AdvancePro?
  • How can a customer view their order statuses?

Webinar transcript

APT University – The B2C Web Service

(Show Greatgift landing page)

Hello and welcome to AdvancePro University. For today and our next two sessions we’ll be doing a series on our web services – The B2C, B2B, and SalesRep web portals. We’ll cover how they are used and configured and we’ll be demonstrating how you can use them to streamline your operations.

Our B2C Web Service is a fully functional shopping cart that is controlled and fully integrated with AdvancePro.

As part of our B2C service, we design and build the website to your specifications and set up an automatic sync so that every hour, your new customer orders are synced into advancepro for easy processing.

Payment can be processed during web checkout – or once the transaction arrives in AdvancePro – We work with, PayflowPro and VirtualMerchant.

(Show B2C)

Just like any standard shopping cart, customers can browse items and add them to their cart. Once the site is built it is hosted by AdvancePro, but we can adjust the domain and the design to match your existing website so it can feel like a cohesive customer experience. We have seven templates to choose from and we offer further adjustments from there.

You can also recommend cross-sellers and accessories.

Each item shown is fully configured in advancepro, using the product name, B2C Description, selling price, and Product image settings.

(Show Checkout)

New customers can create a login account to save their address information, recurring customers can log in. This information is synced to advancepro.

(show customer Orders page)

Customers can check their order statuses and ensure that orders are moving forward from this order status page

(show email)

Now for each order, the customer and a member of your team can receive an email detailing the order, which can even be used as an invoice.

(move to AP, show sync)

Normally, as i mentioned, these transactions will come down to AP on a timer, but for the sake of Brevity I’m going to our Web Services Panel and running a manual sync.

(move to View all orders)

Now our order is in AdvancePro, we can take payment through our payment module, and process it as normal.

The big strength here is that nobody has to do any data entry on an order — the customer enters the order directly, and AdvancePro will carry that information right through shipping and on to quickbooks.

(move to web services Panel)

So i mentioned that much of the website can be controlled from the individual product setup page.

The Web services panel also offers a number of controls, First, it allows full control over which product categories are visible to customers.

Simply pick the categories you want visible, then determine the order you want the categories to appear in your navigation, and finally you can add featured products to the home page or each category page, and you can set the order of appearance for each product within each category.

You can also set up your shipping charges from here – shipping charge rules can be set per carrier/shipping method, and each one can have their own rules, either by weight of the products being sold, or by total sale price.

This concludes AdvancePro University – This time Next week we’ll be examining the additional features of our B2B web service, which includes the ability to show customer-specific pricing and limiting products available depending on the customer using the site. Have a great week everyone.