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  • What is the B2B Web service and how is it different from B2C?
  • How can my customers place an unpaid B2B order?
  • How can I control what each individual Customer-sees on the B2B?
  • How can a customer create a recurring or duplicate order using the B2B?
  • How can I create a B2B sign-in for a customer?

Webinar transcript

APT University: B2B

(Show Greatgift landing page)

Hello and welcome to AdvancePro University. Today we’ll be Continuing the series on our web services – The B2C, B2B, and SalesRep web portals. In this series we’ll be covering how they are used and configured and we’ll be demonstrating how you can use them to streamline your operations.

Today our focus is the B2B – Business to business web service. This is designed for high volume customers who may have special pricing, controlled product availability, or other restrictions that might come along with a more complex business relationship.

The goal is to empower your customers to manage their own order information, eliminating any keying errors and speeding up the order delivery process.

(Show B2B and begin placing an order)

First off you’ll see that the B2B website Requires an upfront login, which allows us to completely control the user’s online experience, from pricing to product availability. The B2B can also offer a streamlined, checklist format for quicker, large scale ordering. This stands in contrast to the tile view you might have seen on the B2C last week.

The next major difference, is that upfront payment is not necessary on the B2B, this order will sync into AdvancePro without any payment at all. As well, the customer can specify their own PO number to be used in advancepro.

(show email)

As before, the system will send the customer an email that confirms the order’s contents, and can also copy a member of your team.

This order will sync into AdvancePro.

For the sake of Brevity, I’m going to run one of our manual sync options.

(Show sync panel)

And you’ll see we received customer orders

(show view customer orders)

And now you’ll see that B2B order present in advancepro and ready to place, pick pack, and ship.

Now the B2B offers a number of customer specific controls I would like to address.

First, you can set customer specific pricing either by uploading a customer pricelist, or by going to the global pricing rules panel located here

(show global pricing)

Or finally within a product under the customer pricing tab located here.

(show product customer pricing tab.)

So once these prices are set and synced to the B2B website, the customer will see only their price levels, not those of your other customers, and not retail pricing.

Just like the B2C, we can also control which categories of product the customer sees, and we can get even more specific by specifying home page and category contents for every individual customer.

(show Customer B2C controls)

The B2B sign in for each customer is controlled by the Login info Tab under the customer profile.

(show login info)

I always like to include a trick or two that isn’t commonly known among AdvancePro users, and today, that’s order duplication and order scheduling from the B2B

(show B2B

As a customer signed into the B2B, you can go to account, my orders, and duplicate any previous order, whether it was placed on the b2b or with advancepro manually. You can instantly recreate the order in your cart, or you can schedule for every 7 days for example.

This feature can give a great deal of control to your clients who might be dealing in recurring orders.

This concludes AdvancePro University – This time Next week we’ll be examining the additional features of our SalesRep web service, which includes the ability to create sales rep or manager accounts that oversee sales for several customer accounts. Have a great week everyone.