Third Party Approval Portal

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  • How can I allow someone to approve orders placed on the B2B before those orders arrive in AdvancePro?
  • How Do I configure the 3PA(third party approval) Settings?
  • How Do I create a customer, and an approver for that customer?
  • How does approval work?

Webinar transcript

APT University:Third Party Approval

Hi everyone and welcome to APT university, today we’ll be discussing our third party approval site. This allows supervisors or other third parties to approve transactions from our Business to Business webservice, before those orders arrive in AdvancePro.

If you’d like to learn more about AdvancePro we have our full catalog of APT university videos under the resources tab of our website localhost/apt, or on our youtube channel.

So why Use a Third Party Approval website? If you’re dealing with an industry where there’s a third party such as an insurance adjuster, or if the purchasing department of one of your clients requires a second approver, this is an automated purchasing option available to you. Essentially, the first purchaser will be able to log in and place an order, which will send an email prompt to the approver, who can then log in and approve the order before it goes to AdvancePro itself to be managed and fulfilled, today I’m going to walk you through the feature.

So first lets talk about what you’ll need, You’ll need AdvancePro’s B2B and SalesRep webservices with the third party approval options activated, if you don’t currently have these options available, please reach out to our team and we’ll get you set up.

Now within AdvancePro, your approvers will be set as sales reps, just go to a sales rep, and enter GM in the notes field for that sales rep to make them an approver, make sure that the approver Your approvers need to be assigned to at least one customer who is an active B2B user.

Now lets go to the B2B and place an order, as we are checking out, we will have a payment method for approval, in this B2B we’ve called it undergo approval. And a required field will appear, in this case it’s for GL number, and we can use it for all kinds of other functions – such as a reason.

Now that we’ve checked out, this order will be passed to the Sales rep web portal, so our approver can log in, and go to the view orders page, here they’ll be able to approve or deny orders and view details. Once the order is approved, it will sync into AdvancePro on the following sync.

This concludes today’s brief tour of the Third Party Approval system. Thanks for watching!