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  • How can I create a quotation to send to my client?
  • How can I move forward with a quotation and make a sale?
  • What is the difference between quotations and Sales orders/Customer purchase orders?

Webinar transcript

APT University:Quotations

Hello and welcome to AdvancePro university, Today we’re going to be discussing quotations in AdvancePro and how they can be created, as well as moved forward.

Now in AdvancePro, sales orders and quotations are linked to each other, they’re actually the same part of the software, which means when you issue the quotation and your customer approves it, you can very quickly move ahead with their order.

So to start an order or a quotation, you can either go to the customer dashboard and click new order, or click new order under the customer’s header on the quick navigation bar on the left hand side of AdvancePro choose your customer, and click proceed.

Here we’re in the order entry screen, now we can fill out our order or quotation, any customer pricing rules can apply, and we have the option of changing our prices as well. , at this point if we print this out, the header of the document will display as customer sales order pro-forma invoice. Now alternatively, we can have this order print as a quotation, and I’ll show that process now.

What you want to do is click this button labelled Save as quotation, This will close the order, and now to get to the quotation we’ll either go to view orders on the customer dashboard, or on the customer’s header on our quick navigation bar. Now your orders are sorted here by stage, and you’ll see there’s a stage for quotations. Go ahead and click on the filter for quotations and we can open up our quotation.

Now when we print or email this document – it will now show with the document title of quotation. When our customer decides to move forward with this quote, you’ll be able to click and place the order, and just like a regular order, you can process the order and fill it by creating a pick ticket.

So quotations are a quick status change for orders, and they behave exactly like other orders when you want to move on that order.

This concludes today’s APTU episode. Have a great day everyone!