Variant Sorting in AdvancePro 11.6

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  • How can I control the order of variants within a SKU as they are displayed in an order matrix, or on the manage inventory screen and other areas of AdvancePro?

Webinar transcript

APT University: Variant Sorting in AdvancePro v 11.6

Hello everyone and welcome to APT University, Today we’ll be discussing the new variant sorting features available in the brand new AdvancePro version 11.6.

Variant Sorting tags have been in AdvancePro for quite some time, but we’ve just expanded their capabilities, now you can use a sorting tag to determine how a given variant will appear on order matrixes, the variant creation options for new variants, as well as the view product and manage inventory screens.

To follow along with this, you may want to take a look at our previous video on Variants and Order Matrix, which along with all our previous APTU videos is available on localhost/apt under the resources tab, or on our youtube channel.

The process of configuring the variant sort features starts here on the product tab in AdvancePro, we’re going to go to the variant manager, Previously, variants were sorted alphanumerically by the variant name, or by the order of creation. Which means that in some cases, the number 11 might come before the number 2, for example. In the case of shoe sizes and other ordering schemes, this can be confusing, so now what we can do is provide a tag.

This tag will be sorted alphanumerically, so in this example, you might choose to put a variant as being sorted in slot A or slot A1, rather than numbering the variants numerically, since putting 11 here in the sort tag will still be sorted before 2.

So once we’ve applied these tags, we have created the order for variant types as they might appear in an order matrix, or in the variant creation window in the product.

So now lets go to a specific product that has variants, that’s view products, look for the variant icon, and now click the E button. And the variant tab.

Here we can set up new variants, or we can click the multiple update button. From this screen, we can apply sorting tags automatically to the individual variant items based on the sorting tags of their respective variant types, or we can create individual sorting tags manually, this will allow us to control how this variant appears when we are in the view products or manage inventory screen.

Now you may not see the individual items on manage inventory or view products, and this likely means you have the combine variants view setting enables. So to change that, uncheck the box in the upper right.

You’ll see that the items will display based on the sorting tags we give them.

This concludes today’s APTU presentation. Thank you for watching!