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  • How Can I allow my sales reps to enter orders and manage their customers without giving them an AdvancePro Login?
  • How can I create a Sales Rep and give them a sign-in for the Sales Rep Portal?
  • How can I create a third-party approval system?
  • How can my reps or managers track order statuses for all customers?
  • How can my reps update customer information?

Webinar transcript

APT University – AdvancePro Sales Rep Shopping Cart Add on

(Show Greatgift landing page)

Hello and welcome to AdvancePro University. Today we’ll be Continuing the series on our web services – The B2C, B2B, and SalesRep web portals. In this series we’ll be covering how they are used and configured and we’ll be demonstrating how you can use them to streamline your operations.

(click sales rep)

Today our focus is the Sales Rep web portal, This is designed to allow internal or external Sales reps to manage their customers and make sales on the road. Each rep can view their assigned customers, make administrative edits to their customer profile, view order statuses, get commission reportssearch inventory, view customer pricelists and more.

The Sales Rep portal has also been used for applications outside of traditional sales, for example, it can be configured so that managers and third parties can log in to approve transactions made by their assigned customers.

One of the advantaged of the Sales Rep Portal is that you can have unlimited reps entering orders here without the need to give them direct access to advancepro.

The banner, the reports and areas available, and everything else you see is highly customizable with any web service.

(Click into a customer store)

Once we click a customer from our sales rep home, we are brought into that customer’s store – almost as if we had logged in as that customer on our B2B web service, we now see only that customer’s assigned products and prices.


Just like with the B2B we can check out an order with a PO number and leave it as an unpaid order for collection later. We can also enable credit card payment.

Now I’m going to sync this order into AdvancePro manually, this will come down on a timer based on your settings.

The order can now be carried through advancepro for shipment, invoicing, and payment.

(go to sales rep setup)

The sales reps themselves can be configured here in advancepro, including personal details, assigned customers, and login information for the portal.

(go to product and excel import export)

There are several ways to then configure the customer pricing levels – including excel importing a pricelist, or setting them manually here in the product settings.

The other important areas of product setup include the name, the descriptions, the categories, and the images section. Attached PDF’s can also be synced to our web services so you can easily distribute manuals and brochures.

(go to sales rep settings)

In the sales rep website you set product visibility by rep – so this way you could even create reps that sell a specific brand or line of product to their customers.

This concludes our tour of the sales rep web portal – -This time Next week we’ll be examining the additional features of our Content Management System- which allows you to change some additional settings and create static pages or blog posts.