Vendor Quotes

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  • How can I create a form to request a quote from a vendor?
  • How can I manage my backlog of vendor quotes?
  • How can I turn a vendor quote into a vendor order?

Webinar transcript

APT University:Vendor Quotes

Hi everyone and welcome to APT university. Today we’ll be discussing the vendor quotes function in AdvancePro.

So the vendor quote is a function in AdvancePro designed to send a form requesting quotes off to a vendor of a particular product, so that you can save that quote and correct the prices on a product before that order is received. Lets jump into AdvancePro and We’ll show you how it works.

So to follow along in AdvancePro, it will be important that you have your products and vendors added, and that the products are linked to vendors. Go to the vendor dashboard by clicking the tab along the top of the screen, and click on the Vendor quotes button.

This will bring up the vendor quote button. This allows you to choose a vendor on the fly, and enter the products that you want to buy from that vendor, as long as the products are linked to all of the vendors that you select, you can choose different vendors, and click the email button in the bottom left to email each of those vendors with a copy of our Vendor Quote Request form.

Since you may not know which vendor you’ll be ordering from, you can save this quote and return to it once your vendor quotations have been received, choose your vendor, remove any items that this vendor doesn’t sell, and click the order button to convert this quote to an order. If you had to remove any items that the vendor doesn’t sell, you will need to add them to an additional vendor order in order to get them from another vendor.

When you convert a vendor quote to an order it becomes a regular vendor purchase order like you might be used to in AdvancePro, you can then print, email and place the order to confirm that it will be delivered, and then it can be received in your warehouse.

To view open orders or vendor quotations, go to the view vendor orders button on the quick navigation bar or on the vendor dashboard, and you can click filters in the upper right to view various stages of order, including quotation, open vendor order, and orders that have been processed and sent to the warehouse to be received.

If you’d like to learn more about vendor purchase orders – take a look at the vendor purchase order video on localhost/apt under resources – or on our youtube channel

This concludes our coverage of the vendor quote feature. Thank you all for watching and have a great day!