Flooring and Square Units

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Learn how to use advancepro to manage units in addition to square footage.

Webinar transcript

APT University: Flooring and Square Units

Hello and welcome to APTU – Today we’ll be discussing one of the ways that you can use advancepro to work with flooring and Square Feet measurement of product This involves our Units of measure feature, and it’s used for buying or selling items that you’ll be tracking by the square foot, and it may involve cases of product or singles. This is essentially a tool that will allow you to put in the number of square feet required for a sale, and advancepro will figure out the number of cases or individual tiles required.

We will be taking any questions at the end, so if you have a question go ahead and put it into the live chat available just to the right of the video if you’re watching live on youtube or just below if you’re watching live on localhost/apt we do these AdvancePro University sessions live every wednesday at noon eastern, and if you’d like to learn more about advancepro we have dozens of videos all about Advancepro either under the resources tab on localhost/apt or on our youtube channel.

So let’s dive into advancepro and see how to set up a product for flooring. Today we’re going to use Tile as an example.

The first step is to visit Admin> Site Settings > UoM Settings and what you’ll see is we have a section called UOM Measure Conversions. We can enable conversions, and choose whether we’re using Square feet or some other square measurement such as inches, yards or meters.

You’ll also see the option to allow opening boxes. A good example for this is a case of tiles. If you sell the single tile as well as the case, you can enable this to just sell your customer the number of cases and tiles they need, if you disable this setting, then you will only sell whole cases.

Now there is also some other ways to break down cases and for a full walk through of our Unit of measure feature, take a look at our video on units of measure.

You’ll also notice there is an option to display cubic feet as well.

Next we’re going to discuss how to set up the product itself. So we’re going to go to add product or view all product, and you’ll see we have this stone tile product. Next we’re going to come under the vendor and pricing info tab, and click onto advanced units of measure. Now you can absolutely set advancepro to work where you buy in cases and sell in tiles, but today we’re going to both buy and sell in cases, and you can see that we can have different sized cases and different purchase and sale prices for these different case sizes.

What we want to make sure we do is set dimensions for each case size, so this case of 24 tiles covers 24 square feet, but we can just as easily have each tile cover 1.5 or more square feet. Square feet is based off of width and length, we can also set the weight and the height which will also calculate cubic dimensions for shipping purposes.

Now once we’ve created these settings for the case, we can also set up square footage, dimensions and weight for the individual tile here on the additional info tab.

Now that we have these basics set up on our item, lets go through a sales process. Lets place a new order, choose a customer and search for our tile item. Then under the search window, click the green plus button.

What you’ll see listed is the various units, we you can see we have 285 units loose as single tiles. 48 units as full boxes of 24 tiles, and zero boxes of 22.

Down at the bottom we can enter the number of square feet and click the calculator button, you can see that now it’s going to add the exact amount we need in cases and singles, and automatically break any cases if we need to. In this case we got 4 cases and 5 tiles.

Now we can print a sales order, pick and ship, or in this case I’m going to directly invoice, or simulate a situation where my customer is picking up the goods directly. And you’ll see now on the invoice we actually get a summary of the square feet covered by each line item as well.

So that’s just a quick summary of the flooring and square foot tracking capabilities of advancepro.