Fill Container

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The “Fill Container” feature in APTX’s inventory management software is a powerful tool that allows users to easily fill and track orders for their warehouses. With this feature, users can quickly identify which orders need to be filled by organizing their search within the application.
By selecting either “All“, “To fill“, “Part fill“, or “Filled“, users can easily filter and search through their orders. Additionally, users can choose to organize their search based on the warehouse the order is being sent to. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined workflow.
Once an order has been selected, important information about the PO#, vendor, status, amount ordered, the amount filled, order date, expected date, and warehouse can be viewed on the order details page. 
Users can also preview the order by clicking on the “view” button, allowing them to confirm the order details before proceeding with the filling process.
Ready-to-fill orders will be highlighted with a green colour, while partially filled orders will be highlighted with yellow. Filled containers will be coloured grey. This colour coding system helps users quickly identify which orders are ready for filling and which require further attention.
To proceed with filling a container, select the order and click “Next”. Users can then enter the container number for the order and click “Create Container“. Once the container has been created, users can easily view the line items included in the order, and select the quantity that needs to be filled.
To ensure accuracy and security, users must enter a “seal” number for the container before clicking “Save & Lock“. This step is critical in ensuring that the container is sealed and locked before being shipped to the warehouse, preventing any unauthorized access or damage during transit.
In summary, the “Fill Container” feature in APTX’s inventory management software is a valuable tool for streamlining and organizing warehouse orders. By using this feature, users can quickly identify and fill orders, all while ensuring the accuracy and security of their inventory.