View Containers

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The “View Containers” feature is a powerful and useful tool for managing your inventory with ease. This feature allows you to view all of the containers that were filled within your inventory so that you can stay updated on the status of your products. 

You can search for a specific container or filter the list based on the warehouse it belongs to. 
You can also select either “All” to view all containers, “Draft” to see unfinished containers, “Saved”, or “Locked”. This makes it easy to find the exact information you need quickly and efficiently. 
The page displays a list that contains several important details to help you understand the status of each container. The information includes the container ID, the container name, the current status, the date it was created, and the warehouse it belongs to. The “Action” section allows you to update a container by clicking on the edit button. This will allow you to make any necessary changes and updates to the container as needed.
Overall, the “View Containers” feature provides a comprehensive and intuitive way to manage all of your filled containers.