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Our system offers a powerful feature called “Review/Approve Inventory Count” that allows you to efficiently review and approve inventory counts. With this feature, you can ensure accurate stock levels and maintain precise inventory records.

You can easily organize your search for inventory counts by clicking “To review“, “Approved“, or “Rejected“. Additionally, you can focus your search by choosing a specific warehouse. This streamlines your review process and enables you to concentrate on inventory counts related to a certain location.
Once an inventory count is selected, the page presents you with comprehensive information to aid your review. This includes details such as picking locations, product name, product SKU, Universal Product Code (UPS), count name, date, and cost. This information enables you to validate the accuracy of the counted quantities and ensure that your inventory records are up to date. 
To further simplify the review process, you have the option to click “merge duplicates“. This allows you to combine counted quantities when the same item exists on multiple counts for the same location. This helps eliminate redundancy and provides a consolidated view of the actual inventory quantities. 
If needed, you can download the inventory count information as a CSV file for further analysis or documentation purposes.  
Finally, based on your review, you have the flexibility to reject the inventory count if it does not meet your expectations or approve the changes if the counts are accurate. These options allow you to maintain control over your inventory data and ensure that only reliable and verified counts are accepted into your system.
Click  to reject. Click  to approve.