Courier Integrations (UPS, FEDEX)

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  • How can I send my Orders to UPS Worldship (or another shipping platform) using AdvancePro?
  • What information moves over?
  • How do I bring the Tracking information back to AdvancePro?
  • How can i view a report of tracking numbers by order?

Webinar transcript

APT University: Courier Integration

Hello Everyone and welcome to Today’s APTU lesson,  Today we’ll be discussing our Courier integration capabilities.  If you have a question during our short presentation please feel free to enter it in the questions tab on your Gotowebinar panel and we’ll be addressing any questions at the end.

So AdvancePro supports a few different shipping app integrations  – specifically,  UPS worldship, Fedex Manager, Endicia Pro for USPS and USPS Click & Ship.

For the sake of brevity today we’re going to be focusing on the UPS worldship integration, but the others work in a very similar way.

So you’re going to get a Customer order in the picking, packing, or shipping stage,  and when you export the shipment you’re going to send the address, level of service, weight and packing dimensions over to your courier app.   When you go over to your courier app,   you can ship the order,  and the app will send back the tracking information and the negotiated price if it is available,  so you can track your shipping costs..

These apply specifically for outbound customer orders,   for returns,  often your courier application will have the option to automatically generate a label for the return,   but this is not automatically sent to AdvancePro.

Let’s jump into AdvancePro and we’ll see how it works.

So the first step is to make a customer purchase order and send it to the warehouse,   orders being sent to a courier app must be in the picking, packing, or shipping stage,   for more information on these stages,  please take a look at our related APTU videos available on localhost/apt under the resources tab.

We can open up the pick, pack or ship ticket and you’ll see a UPS Fedex button,   if you don’t see this,  then please reach out to your AdvancePro advisor,   This integration does require some assistance from support to enable.

Clicking this button is going to open up a dialogue where we can choose our service level,   if you only integrate with a single shipper,  then this drop down for the courier can be preset.   Here you can also enter the final pack weight and dimensions,   then click prepare for UPS or prepare for Fedex and SHIP – this will mark the order as shipped in AdvancePro,  and will send the shipping info to your  courier app.

So lets jump over to UPS worldship – I’m going to go to the  import export tab and click batch import,   walk through the steps,  and now any pending shipments will appear in our history – marked as unshipped or tracking number not assigned,  so we can go to that shipment,  right click, and go to the edit option to make any changes and ship the order.

If you’re working with multiple packages, we recommend setting those dimensions up once the order is at this stage.

Once we click ship,  Worldship or fedex manager will  send our tracking numbers back to AdvancePro,  along with our negotiated price.

Now to look at the tracking number in advancepro,  we can come to the warehouse and look under the shipped filter,  or we can see it on the customer invoice under customers> view invoices and credit memos,  but you will need to enable the print tracking numbers on invoices option,  which is under admin>site settings> printing settings.

Finally, we can also view a tracking number report, this can be found under reports> warehouse reports> tracking # report.

So this concludes today’s lesson.

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