AP Intel – Business Intelligence Demonstration

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AP Intel is a Business Intelligence and Data Visualization platform that provides unprecedented visibility into your business. It is a custom, web-based dashboard tool that can gather data from any data source and present it as stunning visualizations that update in real-time.

Webinar transcript

APT University: AP Intel – Business Intelligence Demonstration

Hello and welcome to advancepro university, today we’ll be giving you a special look at a new service we offer here at advancepro, AP Intel. AP intel is an online platform for quickly and easily visualizing data from multiple sources, including AdvancePro, and easily taking action or sharing this data with internal or external stakeholders.

We will be taking any questions at the end, so if you have a question, feel free to enter it into the Live chat available on our AdvancePro live page or on the youtube stream. If you’d like to learn more about AdvancePro, our full catalogue of AP university videos are available on localhost/apt under the resources tab, or on our youtube channel.

In modern business today, data is everywhere, almost every app you use in business is collecting statistics that are useful – the problem we face is that there’s nowhere we can go to unify that data and answer really important questions that are key to managing our business.

Lets take a simple example. You have employees who perform different types of tasks and you want to understand the revenue or leads they generate against the cost of their payroll. Your labour is categorized in your payroll system, your revenue is spread out across an inventory system, a CRM, and a subscription management system.

Another example might be comparing your aged receivables with your sales reps who own those accounts or with your sales channels so you know who needs to chase down payments, and so that it’s easier to solve the problem.

How can we bring all of this information together? AP Intel

So let’s take a look at an example dashboard on AP Intel here we can see the kind of stunning data visualizations that AP intel can offer. You can have geographical heat maps based on sales, or website hits, and we can represent data through scatter plots, bar graphs, and many other visualizations We can compare various sales channels against each other. No this could be data pulled directly from Advancepro, or it could be pulled from any other business tool you might be using to run your business, and the beauty is, you can very easily cross-reference this information in the same table or dashboard. So for example, if you wanted your google analytics to compare your website hits in a month against your sales totals in advancepro, we can easily build that out for you,

Knowledge is power, and with AP Intel the sky is the limit, we can quickly and easily provide live-updated reporting, saving you countless hours of building excel files, preparing for presentations, and with our sharing features, emailing clients and stakeholders. This can be anyone with an email address, whether they use advancepro, or AP intel, or someone else entirely. There can be different triggers for sharing, such as an update every weekday afternoon at 3pm, or whenever there’s a 40% or more sales spike Now you and your associates will have all the information you need to quickly make great business decisions right at your fingertips.

Now these are dynamic dashboards and we can very easily drill into them, for example in our top selling products by category dashboard, I can easily see the overall top products, or by clicking into each category, i can filter down and see what products are top sellers in their category, and of course on the left I can see which categories of products perform best overall.

We can also dynamically choose and compare date ranges on our graph comparing online and retail sales., or we could create a graph comparing year over year sales per month or per quarter. AP Intel reports and dashboards are built to order by our team of experts, so you can be assured that the reports will fit your needs exactly.

Reports and dashboards created with AP intel are interactive and easy to manipulate to get the information you need instantly.

Here you can see we can easily share or export the information on our dashboard in a variety of formats, from a sharable link to a powerpoint presentation.

You’ll also see you can make notes on your reports and dashboards, or set up alert conditions, so you can get an email immediately whenever an important change happens.

Here are just a few of the sources you can use to create dynamic, real-time dashboards with AP Intel: AdvancePro, QuickBooks, Xero, Shopify, Zendesk, WooCommerce, FreshDesk, SalesForce, Google Apps, and many more.

AP intel is mobile friendly and entirely Browser based, so you can access all of your information from absolutely anywhere. AP Intel users don’t need to be advancepro users, and you can pick and choose who gets to access each report or dashboard – so if you have a client who needs access to a report each month on their vendor-managed inventory. Or a supplier who you want to provide access to your receiving reports so that they can see where they short-shipped you, you can use AP intel to keep everyone perfectly informed.

Initial setup and configuration is done by our AP Intel specialists, so the entire solution is turnkey, and designed to your needs.

This concludes today’s tour, thank you all for watching, and we’ll be opening up for any questions.

Question: Can I display information from Amazon Seller central and from advancePro on the same graph?

Answer: – Absolutely, comparing multiple data sources is a huge part of what AP Intel can do for you.

Question: Can I have AP Intel take other actions than just an email notification?

Answer Yes, actually AP Intel can be used for all kinds of automatic business actions based on data fluctuations, including low stock triggers in relation to incoming sales, it’s a very flexible and capable aspect of the AP Intel service.