Workstation Dashboard

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After a workstation has been assigned work orders, the workstation is responsible for manufacturing those orders. To access the manufacturing interface, the workstation user should navigate to the Workstation Dashboard located in the Manufacturing submenu. From there, the user will be directed to the Select Workstation page where they can choose their workstation from a dropdown list. By selecting the “view” button, the user will be taken to the Manufacturing section.

Within the Manufacturing section, all work orders that have been assigned to the selected workstation will be displayed. To narrow down the results, users can utilize the Search Work Orders feature and filter by Processed, Picked, Finalized, or All.

In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a summary of the workstation which displays a list of SKUs along with the number of work orders assigned to each SKU, the number of completed SKUs across all work orders, and the total number of SKUs across all work orders. The percentage displayed at the top indicates the overall percentage of completed items in comparison to the assigned items across all SKUs assigned to the workstation.

To begin the manufacturing process for a work order, a processed work order needs to be selected from the table displaying the various stages of work orders assigned to the workstation. Upon selecting a processed work order, the BOM table will appear on the right-hand side.

The scan feature enables the user to automatically add a BOM item to the list by scanning it, and it will be marked as a picked item from the default picking location. Alternatively, the user can manually select items to pick from their preferred location using the pick option on the BOM picking table. Another option is to choose “Pick All,” which will automatically select all items from the default picking locations. The picking location sequence follows the one defined in APTD.

After items are picked, clicking the pick item button will confirm the picking stage and move the workstation to the Finalization stage. If the product has serial number/image requirements in its settings, clicking the finalize button will prompt the user to input or generate serial numbers. Once the user generates serial numbers, they will be asked to upload an image for each unique serial number.

When the work order quantity is fulfilled by uploading images, the user can finalize the work order, adding the assembly items to inventory and completing the process.