Create Consolidate Work Order

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The “Create Work Order” feature is an essential part of the manufacturing module in our system that allows you to streamline your production process. This feature helps you to create a work order for an assembly item in a few simple steps.

To create a work order, you will first need to select an assembly item. Once you have selected the item, you will need to enter the work order number
Next, you will select a warehouse from the dropdown menu. This is the warehouse where the item will be produced. After you have selected the warehouse, you will need to specify the quantity of the item that you want to build.
You will then be able to click on the “Expected Date” field, which will open a calendar and allow you to select the date when the assembly item is due. Selecting the expected date is important as it helps you to plan your production process and allocate your resources effectively.
Once you have inputted all the required details, click on “Proceed“. You will then be able to view the work order information along with the bill of materials (BOM) item details. This information will help you to understand the resources you will need, the cost, and the timeline for your production process.
In addition to the mandatory fields, you also have the option to select additional items for a custom assembly. This feature will allow you to customize your assembly item by adding specific parts or components that are not included in the BOM item details.
Finally, when you are satisfied with all the information you have inputted, you can click on “Process“. This will initiate the production process and generate the work order for the selected assembly item.