Sales Reps

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  • What do Sales Reps do in AdvancePro?
  • How to create a Sales Rep Profile?
  • How to track commissions?
  • How to assign a Sales Rep to a customer or transaction?

Webinar transcript

APT University: Sales Reps

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s APTU presentation.  Today we’re going to be discussing Sales Reps – specifically how to create them, how to associate them to customers and transactions, how they relate to AdvancePro users, and how to get reports about them.

Now we will be taking any questions at the end of today’s discussion so if you have something you’d like to ask at any time,  feel free to enter it into the questions tab on your gotowebinar panel and we’ll address it at the end.   

So a sales rep in AdvancePro is a profile of an employee or third party that you want to attach to customer transactions.  You could be doing this to track commissions, or for other reporting purposes,  and this is found in the sales reps tab of our gotowebinar panel   now a sales rep can be turned into an AdvancePro user, but they don’t have to be,  and in fact if the sales reps are entering orders using the AdvancePro Sales Rep web Portal,  they will have all the tools they need for customer management and sales from a website, and don’t need to be linked to AdvancePro desktop user licenses.

For more information on our web services including the AdvancePro sales rep web portal, as well as dozens of other topics from our previous APTU videos, take a look at localhost/apt under the resources tab.

So a sales rep can be initially created here under the sales reps tab, you’ll see you can add or edit sales reps here,   I’m going to go into an existing rep and walk through the process of filling out a sales rep profile – so here’s our list of sales reps and I’m going to edit one named Adam Barnes. Here we’ll click the E button which stands for edit throughout AdvancePro.   And you’ll see we can give each rep a name, and contact information, you’ll see we have some settings about how this rep will be sent to QuickBooks,  and in the next tab we can manage and assign customers to this rep.   Customers who have a rep assigned will automatically attach that rep to all of their transactions.   There is a manual override for that if you need to assign someone else.  This is also used to control what customers a sales rep can see if they are using the Sales Rep Portal,  or if the sales rep has been given an AdvancePro user license.

Under the additional info tab you can set the commission rate – and AdvancePro can only be used for a flat commission rate across all transactions for any given sales rep profile.  

You’ll also see limited sales rep settings.  Limited sales rep is a role you can give an AdvancePro user,  and you can set the limitations for this sales rep from here.

Finally we’ll see the login info tab, , this is used to set login information for an AdvancePro sales rep web portal.

Now to attach this sales rep profile to an AdvancePro user, you’ll come to admin >site administrators,  and you’ll see for any AdvancePro user, you can choose ‘assign sales rep’   this will make that sales rep the rep assigned by default for any orders that user enters in AdvancePro. You’ll also see under roles we have the sales rep and limited sales reps roles.   This are going to narrow down the capabilities of that user, in regular sales rep to just entering orders and performing customer management, and in limited sales rep,  to seeing only transactions and customers that belong to that sales rep.

This brings us to the transaction itself.  You’ll see if we click on new order to start a new customer order, we can choose the customer,  when we do nso,  the rep assigned to that customer is automatically selected.   We can change the rep on this page or on the next.   When this order is invoiced or paid,   it is added to that rep’s commission report.   Let’s talk now about commission reports.

So when we come to the reports tab,  there’s a number of items in the sales area we can look at.   The most relevant of which is the sales reps report,  this will allow you to see commissions for any selection of reps,  and to filter down by payment status,  for sales completed over a given date range.  Note that AdvancePro only tracks commissions earned,  commissions paid would be managed from QuickBooks or another accounting package.

You’ll also see that you can check on the sales report by customer, and filter down by rep to see all the sales made to that rep’s customers.

This concludes our quick tour of the sales reps functionality in AdvancePro.